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Taking this NetApp Storage training course will give you the knowledge and hands-on skills you need to take your career to the next level with NetApp ONTAP, the 'Number One Storage Operating System in the world' as listed by IDC.

From beginner to expert level, the course gives you a deep understanding of every ONTAP 9 function and feature. You'll gain the best practice knowledge of how to implement NetApp storage in a real world environment, and the hands-on skills to configure your system.

And if you choose to prove your skills through certification, the course more than prepares you for the NetApp Certified Data Administrator NCDA exam, the most respected qualification in the storage industry.

NetApp ONTAP 9 Storage Complete

You'll learn the complete configuration of the system in a logical manner, from initial setup to the final tweaks to ensure best performance and availability, and covering off all the NetApp features as you go.

Your learning of the technology is broken down into 5 separate parts for each feature to make it easy for you to understand and retain the knowledge:

  1. A full video explanation of the feature.
  2. A live lab configuration demo using the System Manager GUI.
  3. A live lab configuration demo using the Command Line Interface.
  4. Take a quiz to check your understanding and prepare for the NCDA exam.
  5. Perform the supplied hands-on lab exercise to deepen your new real world skills.

The lab exercise guide includes full solutions using both the CLI and GUI for every ONTAP feature, giving you a complete reference library of configuration examples. It provides massive value by saving you hours of research and mistakes in the field.

"Just completed NetApp Storage training! I found the instructor Neil Anderson to be amazing. He's extremely competent, has spent time in the industry, and knows the platform very well. He colors the materials with some real world examples, which is always helpful to understand the differences between doing something in the lab and doing it in the real world.

I manage several NetApp arrays, and found myself going to the real platform to see how we've implemented the concepts presented here. Very happy I picked up this course!"

- Charles Lawton

You can take NetApp ONTAP 9 Storage Complete from home or anywhere in the world.

You have permanent lifetime access to all the course material so you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule. You can work through the entire program from start to finish, or pick and choose individual tutorials and configuration demos as and when you need them.

You get all the content (plus more) that you would from these classroom courses:

Course Duration List Price (USD)
ONTAP Cluster Administration 3 days $2700
ONTAP Data Protection Administration 2 days $1800
Data ONTAP SAN Implementation 3 days $2700
ONTAP NFS Administration 1 day $900
ONTAP SMB Administration 1 day $900
Implementing VMware vSphere on ONTAP 2 days $1800
ONTAP Security and Compliance Solutions Administration 1 day $900
Total 13 days $11,700

That's just under $12,000 worth of top quality training, at a fraction of the cost. On top of the amazing value, you also get these added benefits you won't find in the classroom:

  • Much deeper coverage of the technologies because we’re not constrained by the traditional 9-5 class schedule.
  • The latest ONTAP 9.8 updates.
  • Access to the course videos, demos, study notes, quizzes, lab exercises and configuration guides forever - available whenever you need them.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with a 30 day money back guarantee.

"My company sent me to the one week official NetApp class but in my opinion this is better, he covers much more detail than they covered in the official class. I took this class to prepare for the NetApp certification which I just obtained on Friday."

- Glenn Reed

Is there an easy way to pay for the course?

Ask your work to cover the cost. Your workplace is used to paying over $4000 to send you on a 5 day training course and they have to cover your absence for a week. Telling your manager you can get 13 days and $12,000 worth of top quality training for a fraction of the cost and it won't even take you out of the office is a very easy conversation. They will be ecstatic to have a NetApp expert on staff.

What if you're self funding?

Invest in yourself and the course will very quickly pay for itself. Here's the average US base salary for a storage engineer:


"I am happy to say that I have passed the NetApp NCDA exam. This video course was very informative to understand how NetApp works. I practiced a lot in my lab and that led me to get a NetApp job. Without this course I would not be here so a big thank you goes to Neil. I could not have done it without this course."

- Rodney Banipal

Who is the ‘NetApp ONTAP Storage Complete’ course for?

This course is for you if you fall into any of these categories:

  • You want to work on NetApp storage, or are already supporting NetApp at your company.
  • You want to gain a deep understanding of NetApp ONTAP in a logical step by step manner.
  • You want hands on lab practice to give you the practical skills you need to configure, maintain and troubleshoot NetApp storage systems.
  • You want an up to date reference library of ONTAP configuration examples.
  • You want to pass the NCDA certification. This is the de facto qualification in the storage industry and will prove your skills to employers.
This could be you...

Before this course:

  • You've been tasked with looking after a NetApp storage system but don't have all the knowledge and hands on skills you need.
  • You don't have proof of your storage skills and this is holding you back from landing a new job or promotion.
  • You spend too much time wading through confusing and/or out of date documentation when you need to configure a feature.

After this course:

  • You're a NetApp ONTAP expert and can confidently design, configure and troubleshoot your company's storage solution.
  • You're ready to pass the NCDA exam and use it to take your career to the next level.
  • You have an up to date video and text reference library of both GUI and CLI configuration examples.

"I took Netapp ONTAP classroom training about a month ago and then watched the course tutorials 3 times each. The tutorials were much better than the class. I took the test last week and passed it. I don't think I could have done that without this course. Thank you so much!"

- Kyung Pastino

The previous version of the course achieved a stellar 4.8 out of 5 average rating from over 700 public reviews.

This all new ONTAP 9 course blows the previous version out of the water with more technologies covered, a written Lab Exercise Guide added, and higher HD video and audio recording quality. The previous course set the quality bar high but this one takes it to another level.

"But isn't this storage stuff difficult?"

Learning SAN and NAS storage is actually surprisingly simple (just don't tell that to the employers who are paying us the big bucks!) You just need the right material to guide you through it in a logical way. You'll find the tutorials and comprehensive hands-on practice you need in NetApp ONTAP 9 Storage Complete.

I take pride in making the topics easy to understand, whether you already have years of experience or are starting as a complete beginner. I'm with you every step of the way, and if you have a question about any of the tutorials or lab exercises just ask, I love to help.

"How will I find the time to learn?"

Because it's a digital course you can do the lessons whenever and wherever suits you. Yes you should skip some TV or Facebook to work on the course. It's definitely worth the effort - your new skills will take your career and pay check to the next level.

"I purchased the NetApp course and was amazed by how the material was so easy to understand. I had been working with NetApp and had never seen the material presented like this. I can tell Neil was meant to teach others by the way he presents the material and includes good hands on practice in the training.

Throughout my career I have taken lots of professional classes that have cost thousands of dollars a class and I prefer this class over all of those. Neil has a special gift to take difficult subject matter and make it simple for others to understand."

- Scott Nelson

Your Instructor

Neil Anderson
Neil Anderson

Hi, I'm Neil Anderson. My main focus since 2007 has been development and delivery of technical training for large enterprise and service provider customers such as Cisco, NetApp, Verizon and IBM. I train the engineers who design and implement the largest Cloud and Data Center deployments throughout Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

Prior to focusing on training I worked in the field for over 10 years in a variety of systems engineering roles. I love sharing my knowledge and can't wait to help you take your career to the next level.

Some of the companies who've chosen me to train their engineers:

Course Curriculum

  • 01 Welcome to the course!

     Welcome and How to Make the Most of This Course
     NetApp Certifications

  • 02 NetApp Product Portfolio and the Data Fabric

     NetApp ONTAP Platforms
     NetApp Cloud Storage Solutions
     NetApp SANtricity Platforms - E and EF-Series
     Element OS Platforms - SolidFire and NetApp HCI
     StorageGRID WebScale
     Converged Infrastructure - FlexPod and NFLEX
     The NetApp Data Fabric
     NetApp Product Portfolio and the Data Fabric - Study Notes
     NetApp Product Portfolio and the Data Fabric - Quiz

  • 03 ONTAP Architecture

     Legacy 7-Mode Hardware Architecture
     Cluster Mode Hardware Architecture
     Cluster, Management and Data Networks
     ONTAP Architecture - Study Notes
     ONTAP Architecture - Quiz

  • 04 ONTAP Hardware Platforms

     AFF Platform Overview and Tech Specs
     FAS Platform Overview and Tech Specs
     Disk Shelves and Cabling
     NetApp Documentation and Hardware Universe
     ONTAP Hardware Platforms - Study Notes
     ONTAP Hardware Platforms - Quiz

  • 05 How to Set Up the Lab

     How to Set Up the Lab Step by Step Instructions

  • 06 System Setup

     Command Line Setup - The Cluster Setup Wizard
     GUI Guided Setup
     OnCommand Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP Setup
     System Setup - Study Notes
     System Setup - Quiz

  • 07 Admin Components and the Bootup Process

     ONTAP Storage Architecture
     Admin Components
     The Boot-Up Process
     Admin Components and the Bootup Process - Study Notes
     Admin Components and the Bootup Process - Quiz

  • 08 NetApp Management Interfaces

     ONTAP System Manager
     ONTAP 9.6 System Manager Enhancements and REST API
     The Command Line Interface
     The Service Processor and BMC Baseboard Management Controller
     Active IQ
     Centralized Management Software
     NetApp Management Interfaces - Study Notes
     NetApp Management Interfaces - Quiz
     NetApp Management Interfaces - Lab Exercises

  • 09 Post Installation Tasks

     Network Time Protocol
     AutoSupport and EMS Event Management System notifications
     Post Installation Tasks - Study Notes
     Post Installation Tasks - Quiz
     Post Installation Tasks - Lab Exercises

  • 10 Physical Resources and Caching

     Disk Shelf Numbering
     Disk Ownership
     RAID Groups and Aggregates
     Disks, Aggregates and RAID Groups Configuration - GUI
     Disks, Aggregates and RAID Groups Configuration - CLI
     Advanced Disk Partitioning
     WAFL and the System Memory Cache
     Virtual Storage Tier: FlashCache
     Virtual Storage Tier: FlashPool
     Virtual Storage Tier: FlashPool Configuration - CLI
     Virtual Storage Tier: FlashPool Configuration - GUI
     Storage Pools
     Storage Pools Configuration
     Disk and VST Guidelines
     Physical Resources and Caching - Study Notes
     Physical Resources and Caching - Quiz
     Physical Resources and Caching - Lab Exercises

  • 11 Logical Resources

     Storage Virtual Machines
     Storage Virtual Machines Configuration - CLI
     Storage Virtual Machines Configuration - GUI
     Flexible Volumes
     FlexVol Operations
     Flexible Volumes Configuration - CLI
     Flexible Volumes Operations - CLI
     Flexible Volumes Configuration - GUI
     Qtrees Configuration
     FlexGroups Configuration - CLI
     FlexGroups Configuration - GUI
     Logical Resources - Study Notes
     Logical Resources - Quiz
     Logical Resources - Lab Exercises

  • 12 Networking Primer for Storage

     The OSI Stack
     The Life of a Packet
     NIC Teaming
     Networking Primer for Storage - Study Notes
     Networking Primer for Storage - Quiz

  • 13 NetApp ONTAP Networking

     Physical Ports
     Interface Groups
     Logical Interfaces
     SAN Protocol Network Load Balancing and Redundancy
     NAS Protocol Network Load Balancing
     NAS Protocol Network Redundancy
     Broadcast Domains and Failover Groups
     Lab Network Topology
     Switch Configuration
     Networking Configuration Review - GUI
     Networking Configuration Review - CLI
     Cluster Network Verification
     Management Network Configuration - GUI
     Management Network Configuration - CLI
     Broadcast Domain Configuration
     Interface Group Configuration
     VLAN Configuration
     Subnets Configuration
     Logical Interface Configuration - GUI
     Logical Interface Configuration - CLI
     Off-Box DNS Network Load Balancing Configuration
     On-Box DNS Network Load Balancing Configuration
     IPspace Configuration
     NetApp Networking - Study Notes
     NetApp Networking Quiz
     NetApp Networking - Lab Exercises

  • 14 NAS Protocols on NetApp ONTAP Storage

     NFS Versions
     Name Services for NFS
     Export Policies
     Export Policy Examples - Anonymous User
     Export Policy Examples - Superuser Access
     NFS Configuration for Linux - GUI
     NFS Configuration for Linux - CLI
     SMB/CIFS Versions
     SMB/CIFS Implementation
     CIFS Configuration - GUI
     CIFS Configuration - CLI
     Home Directory Configuration - GUI
     Home Directory Configuration - CLI
     Quotas Configuration - GUI
     Quotas Configuration - CLI
     Multiprotocol Name Mappings
     Multiprotocol Configuration
     SMB/CIFS Troubleshooting
     NAS Protocols - Study Notes
     NAS Protocols Quiz
     NAS Protocols - Lab Exercises

  • 15 SAN Protocols on NetApp Storage

     ONTAP SAN Implementation
     Multipath Tools - MPIO, DSM and Host Utilities
     ALUA and SLM
     iSCSI Configuration - ONTAP CLI
     iSCSI Configuration - ONTAP GUI
     iSCSI CHAP Authentication - ONTAP GUI
     iSCSI Configuration - Windows Client
     iSCSI Configuration - Linux Client
     UTA2 Port Configuration
     Fibre Channel and FCoE Configuration - GUI
     Fibre Channel and FCoE Configuration - CLI
     Fibre Channel Zoning Example
     NVMe/FC Configuration
     SAN Protocols - Study Notes
     SAN Protocols Quiz
     SAN Protocols - Lab Exercises

  • 16 Storage Efficiency

     Thin Provisioning
     NAS Thin Provisioning Configuration - CLI
     NAS Thin Provisioning Configuration - GUI
     LUN Space Reservation and Fractional Reserve
     LUN Provisioning Settings
     LUN Space Reclamation
     LUN Provisioning Configuration - CLI
     LUN Provisioning Configuration - GUI
     Deduplication, Compression and Compaction
     Inline vs Postprocess Storage Efficiency
     Storage Efficiency Reporting
     Deduplication, Compression and Compaction Configuration - CLI
     Deduplication, Compression and Compaction Configuration - GUI
     Storage Efficiency - Study Notes
     Storage Efficiency - Quiz
     Storage Efficiency - Lab Exercises

  • 17 Performance Monitoring and Storage QoS

     ONTAP Performance Overview
     Collecting Performance Statistics
     Storage QoS
     Storage QoS Configuration
     Application Aware Data Management and Balanced Placement
     AADM and Balanced Placement Configuration
     Performance Monitoring and Storage QoS - Study Notes
     Performance Monitoring and Storage QoS - Quiz
     Performance Monitoring and Storage QoS - Lab Exercises

  • 18 Snapshots

     Snapshot Operation
     SnapDrive, SnapManager and SnapCenter
     Snapshot Schedules
     Snapshot Scheduling Strategies
     Snapshot Restores
     Snapshot Defaults and Policies - GUI
     Snapshot Defaults and Policies - CLI
     Restoring Snapshots from Windows Clients
     Restoring Snapshots from Linux Clients
     Restoring Snapshots from SnapRestore
     FlexClone Configuration
     Snapshots - Study Notes
     Snapshots Quiz
     Snapshots - Lab Exercises

  • 19 Data Protection

     Data Protection Overview
     SyncMirror Configuration
     High Availability
     The RDB Replicated Database, Quorum and Epsilon
     The SnapMirror Engine
     SnapMirror Synchronous and Asynchronous
     SnapMirror Fan In, Fan Out and Cascades
     Load Sharing Mirrors
     SnapMirror Engine Configuration
     Load Sharing Mirrors Configuration
     SnapMirror and SnapVault Initial Peering Setup
     SnapMirror and SnapVault Initial Setup Configuration - CLI
     SnapMirror and SnapVault Initial Setup Configuration - GUI
     SnapMirror Data Protection Mirrors
     SnapMirror Data Protection Mirror Configuration - CLI
     SnapMirror Data Protection Mirror Configuration - GUI
     SnapVault Configuration - CLI
     SnapVault Configuration - GUI
     Unified Replication
     Unified Replication Configuration - CLI
     Unified Replication Configuration - GUI
     SnapMirror for SVMs
     SnapMirror for SVMs Configuration -CLI
     SnapMirror for SVMs Configuration -GUI
     Tape Backups
     Data Protection - Study Notes
     Data Protection Quiz
     Data Protection - Lab Exercises

  • 20 VMware vSphere on ONTAP Storage

     Introduction to VMware vSphere
     vSphere Storage Concepts - VAAI, VASA and MPP
     ESXi Host VMkernel Port Configuration for Storage
     Provisioning NFS Traditional Datastores without VSC
     Provisioning iSCSI Traditional Datastores without VSC
     VSC Virtual Storage Console Overview
     VSC Virtual Storage Console Installation
     VSC Installation Lab Demo
     ESXi Host, NFS VAAI and Virtual Machine Guest OS Settings
     VSC Storage Capability Profiles
     VSC Storage Capability Profiles Configuration
     Provisioning Traditional Datastores with VSC
     Provisioning Virtual Machines with VM Storage Profiles
     VVols on ONTAP
     Provisioning VVol Datastores with VSC
     OnCommand API Services Installation
     VMware vSphere on ONTAP Best Practice
     VMware vSphere on ONTAP Storage - Study Notes
     VMware vSphere on ONTAP Storage - Quiz
     VMware vSphere Traditional Datastores on ONTAP Storage - Lab Exercises
     VMware vSphere VVols on ONTAP Storage - Lab Exercises

  • 21 Fabric Pool

     Fabric Pool
     FabricPool Configuration - GUI
     FabricPool Configuration - CLI
     Fabric Pool - Study Notes
     Fabric Pool - Quiz
     Fabric Pool - Lab Exercises

  • 22 Upgrade and Migration

     ONTAP Upgrades
     ONTAP Upgrade Demo
     Disk Firmware Upgrade Demo
     7-Mode Migration
     Upgrade and Migration - Study Notes
     Upgrade and Migration - Quiz
     Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between this and the 'NetApp Storage ONTAP 9 Essentials' course?

    This 'NetApp Storage ONTAP 9 Complete' course has over 20 hours of additional material and also includes study notes, quizzes, and comprehensive written lab exercises and configuration examples for all ONTAP functions (these extra features are not included in the 'NetApp Storage ONTAP 9 Essentials' course).

  • When does the course start and finish?

    It's self-paced training – you can watch the videos and do the lab exercises whenever and wherever is best for you.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. Most of my students are able to complete the course in a few weeks. There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, you have lifetime access to the course.

  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    Your enrollment never expires. You have permanent and unlimited access across all devices you own.

  • Can I access the course material offline?

    Yes, you can install the Teachable app on your tablet or mobile (or using an emulator on your PC) to download the videos and quizzes and watch them offline. All of the study notes and lab exercise guides are provided as downloadable PDFs.

  • Is a course certificate provided?

    Yes, you will receive a verifiable course certificate upon course completion.

  • Which ONTAP version does the course cover?

    ONTAP 9 up to and including ONTAP 9.8, the latest version.

  • Will the course prepare me for the latest version of the NetApp ONTAP NCDA exam?

    Yes the course covers all the topics on the NCDA exam plus more.

  • Can I ask questions about the course lessons?

    Yes, I'm always happy to help with any questions about the course content. You can email me at [email protected]

  • Do you offer a consultancy service?

    I'd love to be able to provide consultancy for individual production environments but I'm unable to take on new clients right now sorry.

  • Can I buy the course for my whole team?

    Yes, please purchase an individual copy for each team member.

  • What if I’m unhappy with the course?

    I go above and beyond to make sure you are more than happy with the course. If however you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.


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